COLUMN FORM TECHNOLOGY: Revolutionary Concrete Form Building Technology


Decorative columns that last, look good, and are maintenance free are not easy to come by. Most residential columns or patio posts are made of wood and are subject to mold, bug infestation, and rot. In a short time, the wood absorbs water and begins to disintegrate. The owners are left with the problem of repairing or replacing their decorative columns every few years.

Commercial decorative columns are typically difficult or even impossible to form, and the contractors' limitations regarding forming often translate to minimized or simplified design options available to the architect. Additionally, most forming options are inefficient, labor intensive, and expensive.

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Concrete and The Column Cast™ System

Few materials are as versatile and maintenance free as concrete. Its lure and durability are often imitated but never surpassed, and as a medium, concrete complements wood, stone, vinyl, plaster, steel, and many others. Concrete can be internally colored, painted, dyed or stained. It won't rot attract termites, fade, or degrade with time. Simply put, concrete looks good and lasts forever.

Column Form Technology and its distributors are proud to offer The Column Castâ„¢, a revolutionary new decorative concrete column forming system. The patented Column Cast System is truly an all encompassing decorative concrete column forming system consisting of a high strength reusable jacket, a virtually unlimited variety of mold shapes and a full line of accessories. Column Cast's innovative new column forming process delivers all the benefits of a true "cast in place" decorative concrete post or column without the extensive labor, costly power tools, and mess of traditional job-built applications.

Just some of the benefits include:

  • Forms Real Concrete Decorative Columns
  • Green: Can help contribute to LEED points--Reusable jackets, Release and Cleaner are biodegradable, low VOC products that use rapidly renewable materials
  • Easy Storage: Just roll up the jackets when not in use
  • Full Product Line: Cleaner, Release, Alignment Collars, and more
  • Fast Setup: Apply release, snap CFT Insert in place, fasten latches, align and pour
  • Virtually Unlimited Design Options
  • Pour Around Existing Support Structures
  • Weatherproof
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • No Skilled Form Building Expense Required
  • No Mess, No Power Tools, No Noise