The patented Column Cast™ System is a re-useable decorative concrete column and post forming system featuring a sturdy jacket that encapsulates an EPS Foam insert to provide support while the decorative column is poured and curing. The Column Cast System offers unlimited decorative concrete post and column design possibilities at a fraction of the cost.

  • Our System Includes:
  • CFT Column Cast Jacket
  • CFT Detailed Foam Inserts
  • CFT Decorative Post & Column Mix*
  • CFT Alignment Collar
  • CFT Eco-Release
  • CFT Bio-Cleaner
  • CFT Pour Chute*
  • CFT Replacement Accessories
  • CFT Plumb Jig* & Alignment Tool
  • CFT Pigment Packs*
  • CFT Column Fix
  • *coming soon

System Components

The patented Column Cast System™ is truly an all encompassing decorative concrete column forming system. As such, it comes complete with every product and accessory needed to form new beautiful columns. Below is a list of currently available CFT™ Column Cast System components:

CFT Column Cast Jacket: High tensile strength, weatherproof, reusable column forming jacket. This is the key component to the Column Cast System. Reuse for countless columns. UV and weather resistant. Set up and take down in seconds. Comes complete with heavy duty, solid aluminum latches and galvanized steel load bars tough enough to handle the elements and get the job done.

CFT Detailed Foam Inserts: High quality, eco friendly, custom cut, EPS Foam, concrete detail insert. Specially designed for the Column Cast System. Fits snugly in the Column Cast Jacket for flawless decorative columns. Mold resistant, weather resistant, light, easy to handle, and completely recyclable, these CFT inserts are a contractor's best friend. With proper care, can be reused for an extremely fast, and cost effective method of creating beautiful concrete columns.

CFT Eco-Release: Specially formulated CFT Detailed Foam Insert release agent. If used properly, ensures a clean easy release from the newly formed concrete column. Carefully apply our Eco-Release with each use to keep form intact for repeat uses. The green engineered CFT Eco-Release is water-based, fully biodegradable and environmentally safe. Complies with the US EPA OPPTS 835.31101 test protocol for ready biodegradability and meets the more restrictive air quality, lower VOC requirements of some states

CFT Bio-Cleaner: Specially formulated for the Column Cast System. Use to clean any concrete residue from the Column Cast Jacket, or latches. Green engineered to provide the most effective concrete removal without any harmful environmental effects. Considered by OSHA and federal DOT standards to be non-corrosive and non-hazardous. It is readily biodegradable and contains a pH sensitive red dye that turns clear when finished reacting. Odorless and ready to use, CFT Bio Cleaner meets all state and federal VOC requirements.

CFT Column Fix: Specially formulated for the Column Cast System. Use for filling in bug holes, patching and detailing column surface. Can be sanded for ultra smooth finish. Made from premium grade hydraulic cement, calcium carbonate, high performance water-soluble polymers and a finely ground aggregate. Apply to column in one pass for a micro-thin finish. New columns can then be painted, stained, or left to age naturally.

CFT Alignment Collar: Specially designed alignment collar helps keep Column Cast System in place and plumb during larger commercial pours.

CFT Alignment Tools: CFT-branded heavy duty alignment tools / carpenter's pencils. Specially cut to fit CFT Detailed Foam Insert alignment keyholes.

CFT Replacement Parts: CFT replacement Latches, and Load Tubes custom made to fit CFT Column Cast Jackets. Individual Latches and Load Tubes can be purchased from your local dealer

Coming Soon!

CFT Decorative Concrete Post and Column Mix: Self consolidating rapid set column mix ideally created for highlighting column details. Provides rapid cycling of forms resulting in huge labor savings.

CFT Plumb Jig: Versatile and easy to use CFT Plumb Jig created to help align your Column Cast System during residential or smaller commercial pours where an existing overhead structure or element is present.

CFT Pour Chute: Easily guide concrete where restricted access is a problem. Fits between patio slats and other hard to maneuver places. High-grade sturdy plastic is light and easy to manipulate.

CFT Pigment Packs: Simple to use pre-measured throw-in packs achieve various colors and hues in your concrete mix.

Check out our improved latch design:

PSF Rating, Safety Factor, and other details:

This system is rated at 2,250 lbs PSF with a 2:1 safety factor. Columns can be poured up to a 15’ full liquid head with a 14” diameter jacket (pour rates vary by jacket diameter).

Once the concrete has sufficiently cured, the Column Cast may be relocated to support another column form. The EPS custom column form insert will remain in place from the first pour until curing is sufficient and the detail is ready to strip from the decorative concrete column.

This process greatly reduces the set-up, pour and strip times, as well as eliminates the need to purchase and build single-use cardboard or wood column forms, and because the decorative column forms are lightweight, they can be cycled by hand rather than using moving equipment required for heavier column forming systems. In fact, there are no power tools required for this operation.

With the Column Cast System, decorative column and post shapes are virtually unlimited and all use the same reusable support jacket. When the project is finished, just simply roll up the jacket and easily store until the next project.

Please click here to view and download Column Cast's Available Shapes and Sizes Page.